Design and Installation

Multi-Purpose TV studio in Paris

“Situated in the heart of Paris, this narrow TV studio stands as one of the premier multi-purpose designs tailored to meet the demands of contemporary television production. Beyond providing expansive camera angles through cleverly crafted false perspectives, the studio also facilitates 360-degree shooting capability, accommodating two distinct sets facing each other simultaneously. Below, we delve into the intricacies of this captivating project:”

Multi set-up Identity: Designed with the usability of the space in mind, the studio brings together a section where news programs are shot against an LED screen backdrop and a theatrical atmosphere for political stand-up performances.The seamless transition between these two worlds is a testament to the studio’s adaptability and creativity.

Rectangular Studio Plan

Narrow Rectangular View of the Studio Area Before Decor Assembly

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Same Angle After  Decor Assembly

This space has been transformed into a modern studio by ‘VM Cloud ‘ UK Company  with state-of-the-art technical equipment and infrastructure.

Innovative Design Solutions: To overcome the perception of a narrow and long rectangular planned space, convex and concave forms along with fragmented areas on the floor were employed to enhance the width and depth of the space. These design elements have given the studio a dynamic and modern appearance.

Illusions of Depth and Reflection: While aiming for a single level floor to enable the full movement of all studio cameras, various areas have been designated with diverse materials and color schemes.Forms and patterns on the floor are strategically designed to enhance the perception of depth, giving the space a larger-than-life feel. Transitions to the corner area, which boasts a more intimate atmosphere compared to the news set, feature warm materials and color tones. Forms on the floor are mirrored in the background to enhance the illusion of false perspective, while the addition of simulated reflections further amplifies the effect.
A special design was created for the news desk, giving the impression that the abstract lines on the floor converge at the center and rise. The circular table form was designed to provide a practical and aesthetic positioning for one or more people.

Manufacturing Process and Ease of Assembly: All design and manufacturing processes were carried out in workshops in Istanbul, Turkey, before being packaged and shipped to Paris. Even in a narrow office building, the studio was easily assembled in a short time thanks to a well-planned installation process.

This multi-purpose TV studio in Paris efficiently utilizing limited space and providing a suitable environment for various program genres.