Al Araby Tv

Al Araby Tv

Al Araby Tv is renewing their studios at Doha with Sette Sette Design.
Sette Sette Design is proud to take part in this important collaboration with Al Araby TV and Art Director Mr. Jihad Nader Chanehsaz.

Two adjacent studios of different heights have been designed as a unique concept studio that can be split into pieces for different programme sets.

We started with the idea of a modern, open studio with windows to a city view, creating a modern and warm atmosphere. High ceiling studio can be used in two different setups. Main using is a central movable round table area in the middle. The area also has a large curve-led display. A movable discussion setup on the left allows the host to have in-depth discussions with guests.
The low-ceiling studio set is designed in the style of a modern library that reflects the characteristic architectural forms of İslamic culture.
For manufacturing and implementation of the sets the manufacturing and implementation jobs of the sets will be assumed by ‘’A2Z Design and Decoration ‘’ Company.

The group owns a comprehensive factory in Lebanon of 9000 squaremeters, covering Carpentry works, Steel works, and Aluminum works with a staff of 40 professional workers, technicians and engineers whose work is mostly dedicated for Qatar projects